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Made with the game changing power of plants

It’s snack time, and you’re gravitating towards the vending machine again, but the options there aren’t the healthiest nor the best-tasting!
Do you have a sweet-tooth?

Are you searching for something sweet, packed with nutrients, but not bland?

Introducing Game Changer Foods! An all-in-one protein-packed chickpea bite that is

Simple, Flavorful and Oh so good!

100% vegan

Our products are made from 100@ Organic and clean Ingredients that contribute to essential nutrients you need for the day – protein, fibre, vitamin, minerals.

Gluten Free

Our products are exceptionally good for boosting your health and increasing your energy level.


Our products contain no artificial additives, only vital elements your body needs

Dairy Free

We designed our products as the ultimately vegan & organic sources of energy for your everyday life.

Starter Pack. Yes Please

Food is all about clean ingredients that you put in your mouth. Talk is cheap. We want you to grab it!

We Ship it.

We will ship it to wherever you ask us to. We want you to try before you commit to us.

Try it. Taste it.

Once you try it please let us know how you like it.


“These are our new favourite on-the -go breakfast snacks. So easy when you want something healthy, filling and quick! Perfect to throw a few of them into kids lunch bag too”

Christina L


“I absolutely love these vegan chickpea bites! They satisfy my sweet tooth and are the perfect on the go snack for my busy family. Just Grab & Go!”

Daisy K


“I love how your product is chickpea based! It’s exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for. They’re the perfect amount of sweetness, and pair deliciously with coffee.”



“My family loves these vegan chickpea bites! Its hard to find nutrient-dense, delicious snacks my kids will eat, they love the chocolate ones! We have them for a guilt free late-night snack too. They taste like cookies”

Janice Y




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