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Are Chickpea Snacks Healthy?

A pile of game changer foods chickpea bites

For years we have seen the multitude of protein ball recipes circulating on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. While they are delicious, in many cases they aren’t as clean or healthy as we would all like to believe. Which is why at Game Changer Foods we made it our mission to supply the vegan community with a plant based snack that ticked all the boxes! We mean ALL of them!

Chickpea Bites are FULL of Protein

Whether you are new to veganism or not, you know that getting sufficient protein in your diet can sometimes be tricky. But what if we told you that there was an easy solution?

Chickpeas! One cup of chickpeas contain approximately 14.3g of protein, which is around 38% of your recommended daily intake! This is more than some animal based proteins like shrimp, chicken or turkey.

Game Changer Foods Chickpea Bites are CLEAN!

Now you may not completely be speaking the same language with us here, but for clarification we are referring to the lack of additives, preservatives and added sugars in our snacks. Not only did we want to stay away from toxic ingredients like the above, but we wanted a product that was truly natural.

All of our flavors are formulated using minimal ingredients, as little as 5 or 6! These are snacks you can truly trust because they don’t contain ingredients that are too hard to read or pronounce. Only true and organic plant based ingredients.

No Preservatives or Additives?!

Taking the time to read the ingredient labels of your supermarket’s favorite snacks, might prove to be a little shocking. Many mainstream snacking brands are not upfront about the ingredients they use, or at least how they can negatively affect the human body. We are talking mainly about the addition of harmful preservatives and additives.

Oils such as palm oil are extremely high in saturated fats which when consumed on a regular basis have been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular related conditions. Generally speaking, high levels of saturated fats increase an individual’s odds of a heart attack or stroke.

Game Changer Chickpea Bites are Made Locally

If you have been wanting to support more local and family owned businesses in 2022, you are in the right place. Game Changer Foods was founded in Vancouver by the Narula family, whose mission was to increase the accessibility to healthy snacks in the vegan niche.

But you don’t have to be vegan to love these snacks. Besides being packed full of nutrition, our bites are formulated to be convenient and easy for on the go moments. We are speaking to all the busy moms who simply don’t have the time, but need peace of mind when it comes to snack time!

To Conclude

We are all on the path to a healthier and happier lifestyle and it helps to find snacks that we can enjoy with peace of mind. That is exactly what Game Changer Foods set out to do from the beginning. We are here to change the snacking game, one bite at a time!

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