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Are Chickpeas The Key to Weight-Loss in 2022?

Chickpeas have become a hot topic over the last couple of years, following the rise of vegan and plant based diets. Over the past couple of days as the new year comes into play, it is likely that you have also created some goals for yourself over the next 12 months. It is also likely to assume those goals may have some part to do with healthier living and possibly even weight loss. You have come to the right place because today we are diving into the details surrounding chickpea nutrition and weight loss!

Are Chickpea Bites Good For You?

The short and sweet answer to this is yes! Chickpea bites from Game Changer Foods are formulated to be simple, clean and whole snacks that don’t contain additives or preservatives. When speaking to any added sugars or other vegan junk, our snacks just simply don’t have any!

In fact, all of the Chickpea Bite flavours are made using minimal, locally sourced ingredients. Many of them contain as little as 8 ingredients! Shocking, right?! Besides being composed of only natural foods, chickpea bites also have an extensive resume of nutritional value!

Can Chickpeas Help You Lose Weight?

Recent studies suggest that, yes, chickpeas and the regular consumption of them can actually help reduce body fat. How you might ask, well let’s get into it.

Chickpeas Are Nutrient-Dense

In order to achieve sustainable weight loss in the new year, you must be eating less calories. However, the calories you are consuming should be full of nutritional value. Chickpeas are the answer. They host a variety of important nutrients such as phosphorus and zinc. It is important that during your weight loss journey, you are consuming foods designed to keep you full and strong!

They are Packed Full of Protein

Protein is arguably the most important factor to consider nutrition wise when focused on weight loss. Due to its high thermal capacity, your body will burn more calories breaking down protein than any other fibre you consume.

In addition, protein also makes you feel more full and keeping you full longer will ultimately prevent binge-eating or overeating.

…Fibre Too!

Chickpeas contain a soluble fibre which contributes to an array of health gut bacteria, also crucial for weight management. Fibre, similar to protein, has its only “filling” qualities. It is dense and thus also gives the impression of feeling full. Fibre also slows the release of sugars into your blood, which is great for your health and your fitness journey!

Chickpeas are Affordable

Eating healthy is quite pricey, especially nowadays. Chickpeas and chickpea bites are cheap and a great alternative to many store bought products and snacks. They can be easily added to most recipes or eaten on their own, which makes it even better!

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