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Debunking The Myths About Eating Meat: Why Going Plant Based Is Better For You!

For years it has been believed that animal based foods were the only and best way for us as humans to reach our caloric need for protein. However, an alarming amount of evidence over the last decade may completely disprove this stance. With the rise of public consciousness surrounding the ethical, environmental and nutritional aspects of going vegan or vegetarian, it can be hard to dispute the long standing debate around whether or not eating meat is best.

Where Did The Idea of Eating Meat Come From?

In order to dive into the details of this complicated and conversational topic, we must first understand where the concept of eating meat primarily was developed. 

It is believed that, dating back millions of years, changes in the environment and thus changes in food sources, caused our ancestral diets to sway towards the idea of consuming more animal based food. As earlier humans developed, scientists believe that the emergence of a much bigger and more powerful brain is in direct correlation between the early instances of an animal based diet. Brains do, after all, need a massive amount of energy in order to power them and meat provides that source much quicker and efficiently than a diet of strictly flowers and fruits. Some scientists actually argue that meat is what made us human. 

Now fast forward to the 21st century, where evolution has now taken on the form of humans that we know today. While it is clear that “meat was clearly pivotal in the evolution of the human brain, that doesn’t mean that it is an irreplaceable part of the modern human diet” (Roos, 2019). Cue the cultural significance of eating meat. Meat carries with it a sense of wealth that only those said to be rich enough could afford to eat. Hence, we don’t need to eat meat but we want to. 

Do Humans Need Meat To Be Healthy?

Now that you understand the background of meat eating we can begin to dive into the nutritional components of eating meat. The short and sweet answer is no, we do not NEED meat in order to be healthy and normally functioning human beings. In fact mounting evidence actually states that humans have no inherent or biological need for animal products

Part of the reason why this question appears so frequently has been the lack of human consciousness to the issue for many years. Due to ancient societal standards and norms, most people have simply accepted that animal based protein is the ONLY protein that can meet our dietary needs sufficiently. Which simply is not the case. 

In 2015 research from a study conducted by 22 scientists from The World Health Organization (WHO), concluded that consumption of processed meat was “carcinogenic to humans”. This conclusion came after the group of scientists had spent years combing through over 800 medical studies, which produced shocking and direct correlations between the consumption of meat and the development of certain cancers. The idea of a vegan or vegetarian diet may not seem like such a crazy idea now. 

Why You Should Consider Going Vegan/Vegetarian 

While as humans, we all have similar dietary needs and specifications, your individual needs are vastly based on unique factors within your own lifestyle such as: activity level, genetic makeup, whether or not you are predisposed to any specific medical conditions and of course taste. We can all agree that many people choose to eat meat because they enjoy it over plant based mediums and for some it may be a societal stigma to opt for a vegan diet. However, you should definitely consider the option of choosing a more plant based diet and here’s why.

Eating Plant Based is Better For Your Health

While meat may be a socially accepted medium for consuming protein, it also carries with it a heavy cost to our physical health. Researchers have found that those who are under consuming fruits and veggies and overconsuming red meats are more likely to suffer from chronic and sometimes deadly conditions. 

Avoidable Death

A study conducted by Oxford University concluded that a shift and adoption of a more universal plant based diet “could avert 1.8 million premature human deaths each year” (Capps, 2013). With even more substantial avoidances that could be avoided by opting for a vegan (8.1million)  or vegetarian diet (7.3million). These conclusions were drawn based on the advert effects that consuming too much animal protein has on the body. 

Healthy Eating Is Better Plant Based

Plant based food gives us everything we need nutritionally, plus so much more. According to an article published by one of the leading healthcare providers in the US, “healthy eating may be best achieved by a plant based diet and all physicians should consider recommending a plant based diet to all their patients”. This goes to show the vast implications of meat on the human body especially for those already suffering from conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. 

Reduce Your Risk of Disease and Premature Death

Going vegan is one of the best and most effective ways to treat or reserve certain conditions, as well as potentially prevent them from happening altogether. Recent studies have confirmed the direct relationship between consuming animal proteins and the increased risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. 

Referencing the study done by The World Health Organization, they released a statement noting that overconsumption of meat was a carcinogen for humans and that it increased the risk of colon cancer by 18% as well as the risk of premature breast cancer by 22%. These numbers are shockingly high. 

Eating heavy amounts of meat is also directly linked to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Because most animal based food is high in saturated fats and cholesterol, the risk of suffering from stroke, heart attacks and diabetes is significantly higher. Saturated fats have been linked to cognitive disease such as alzimers and dementia. In comparison to meat, plant based proteins have a much lower portion of saturated fats and they won’t skyrocket your “bad” cholesterol either. 

The proof is in the pudding so to speak and we aim to provide with the necessary facts, so that it is possible for you to make the most well-informed decision possible. With all that being said, plant based products can still meet and exceed your protein goals, such as our 3 flavours of chickpea bites which are packed with flavour and nutrients. 

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