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The Dilemma With the Snacking Industry

Today’s snackers are now more than ever, conscious and enlightened about the
choices they make in terms of their food. They know the difference between
healthy and unhealthy snacks, and they demand more from the brands they
choose to support. In response, most snack companies now make “healthy”
versions of their snacks, which they market as being good for you. For example,
many brands now offer a “sugar-free” or “low-fat” option for their classic snack.
However, this is mostly a ruse – these snacks are still not healthy enough to be
considered virtuous. But why can’t many companies get it right? Let’s take a look
at where the snacking industry stands today...

How did we get here?
We’ve come a long way since the days of granola bars and trail mix. These were
the original health-conscious snack options – and they were pretty good.
However, the rise of “protein snacks” like jerky, protein bars, and nutrition shakes
has drastically changed the snacking landscape. These products are often
marketed as healthy, but their nutritional makeup proves otherwise. Take the
average protein bar, for example. These snacks are filled with artificial
sweeteners, excessive amounts of sugar, and other unappealing ingredients; but
because they’re labeled as a protein-snack, people assume that it’s healthy.

The problem with unhealthy snacking
The rise of unhealthy snacking has led to a decline in healthy snacking. This, in
turn, has caused a health crisis in North America. The CDC reported that
two-thirds of all adults are either overweight or obese, along with one-third of all
children. This is a major public health concern, and the most obvious solution is
to eat more healthy foods. However, unhealthy snacking has caused a decline in
healthy snacking. So, how can we fix this? The solution lies in finding a way to
appease both the healthy and unhealthy snackers. We need to create snacks that
are both healthy and delicious, so everyone has a chance to enjoy them, without sacrificing their health. The problem with unhealthy snacking is not just the
health crisis it has caused, but also the fact that many people feel they have no
choice but to consume unhealthy snacks. Unhealthy snacks are typically more
accessible when out and about, and even at the grocery store.

The rise of “protein snacks”
The rise of “protein snacks” has led to an overall decline in healthy snacking. For
example, many brands of nutrition bars and shakes are loaded with artificial
sweeteners and sugar, and some even contain questionable amounts of sodium
and fat. The marketing behind these products is misleading, as many brands
label their nutrition bars as “protein snacks.” A healthy protein snack is one that is
made with clean, plant-based protein, no added or artificial sugars, and has few
ingredients overall. Our chickpea bites, for example, are high in protein and
omegas and are gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, and vegan. And they only have 7
pure, clean, and delicious ingredients.

The Dilemma of Healthy Snacks: Why It’s So Hard to Get It Right
When it comes to creating truly healthy snacks, the industry has struggled to get
it right. This is because most companies are not willing to sacrifice the taste and
texture of their product in order to create something healthier. They assume that
reducing the amount of sugar and sodium is enough to be deemed as healthy,
keep the consumer blindsided, and keep their profits up. But this is not enough. In
order to be truly healthy, a snack must be: truly nutritious, not contain any fillers
or additives, and no added sugars or salts. Unfortunately, very few companies
have been able to produce a truly healthy snack because the cost of creating real
healthy snacks is higher than what most brands are willing to pay.
Proposals for Change: Real, Responsible Solutions
If the industry wants to truly change, it needs to start at the top – with the major
multinational brands. These companies have the power to influence the direction
of the market, and they can drive positive change if they truly want to.

Unfortunately, most companies will only produce a healthy snack if it’s profitable,
which makes this a difficult feat to achieve. That’s why it’s so important to
support the smaller, local brands that use an immense amount of effort to bring
you truly healthy snacks, that also taste amazing

Overall, the snacking industry is in a precarious position. Consumers are
demanding healthier options, but most companies are either unwilling or unable
to meet those demands. Smaller companies, like Game Changer Foods, are
getting it right. Follow along on our journey to change the game in snacking.
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